American Horror Story - S2, E13 (2013)

"Madness Ends"

Creators:  Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk
Producers:  20th Century Fox
Channel:  FX
Starring:  Sara Paulson, Dylan McDermott, Evan Peters, Jessica Lange, Joseph Fiennes; ft. Frances Conroy
TV Rating:  MA SLV
Genre:  television, horror, psychological thriller, drama, insane asylum, serial killer, aliens
Scare score:  B
Rating:  A

So before I get started, let me say one thing: sometimes you drop the ball.  Sometimes even my love for horror movies just gets ignored for half of January and all of February.  But here we are in a new month, and here I am with new efforts to find the real time to continue this blog.

Plot overview:  In this pretty captivating season finale, we focus on current day Lana (Paulson) as she is interviewed in her lavish townhouse.  While we learn that she has become famous due to her writing and especially her tele-journalism career, the eager interviewer brings up the one topic Lana swore she wouldn't talk about: Briarcliff.  In a sudden change of character, Lana decides to go into the details of her exposé of Briarcliff one last time.  During her story, she discusses how she searched for Sister Jude (Lange), director-turned-patient in her own hellish creation, and how the clues led her back to her friend Kit (Peters).  His story is concluded for us as we learn his children - Lana's godchildren - went on to become world famous doctors.  Kit himself had ventured back to Briarcliff years ago where he rescued Sister Jude, nursing her back to health with the help of the mysterious intervention of his children, until it is finally her time to pass.  Down the road, Kit contracts pancreatic cancer but is ultimately taken back by the aliens.  As viewers, we are aware that Lana's abandoned, sociopathic son Johnny (McDermott) has infiltrated the filming crew, and when the interview ends Lana calls him out of hiding, read to accept her fate.  Finally face-to-face, the mother and son are able to discuss the bitterness, hate, and sadness that has plagued them both for years.  The suspense will keep anyone on his or her seat until the final seconds.

So this is old, old news by now, but I wasn't about to let the month and a half gone by stop me from finishing my posts on this great season of American Horror Story.  I was so thrilled with this episode.  Loose ends were rounded up and resolved for us- those of us pro-Jude were probably content with her final years living as part of Kit's family, and even those of us who never forgave her for her cruel behavior in the beginning of the season most likely felt at ease that she wasn't quite vindicated for all her deeds.

The real star of the episode is Lana, who shines even though coated by tons of aging makeup.  I have to comment on the blood-red walls in her beautiful home that she shares with her equally successful partner, a singer.  That specific tone is reminiscent of the very first advertisements that started coming out the summer before Season 1.  It's just a really good, eye catching hue of red that was a nice compliment to last season and the show itself.  

Dylan McDermott also gets a shout out this time around as the murderer having a breakdown, aka Johnny, aka Bloodyface Jr.  I'm happy we got to learn about his story and then see a wide range of angry/ sad emotions from him during the final scenes.  


They really kept us hanging in there until the final seconds, huh?  Having thought I knew American Horror Story by this point, I was ready for Lana to peace out in a bloody bang from her vengeful son.  How the tables were turned when she soothed him and then finally turned that gun to his forehead!  What an awesome way to end the season, so much justice, so much happiness - totally the opposite of the ending of last season.  This really surprised me for the series as a whole, and I guess it has taught me that they are going to continue experimenting from now own.  

Final critique: All in all, it really was a pretty wild ride this season.  It flew by, and when I got to this episode I didn't even realize that it was all coming to an end (even though the episode title states that rather clearly).  While we had some weird bouts (think Anne Frank), the show had its fair share of monstrous beings, alien abductions, psychopathic murders - and best of all, human corruption, greed, and hate (not to mention overcoming said sins).  I am especially pleased with how the season ended - with a bang!  (I had to).  Rumors for next season are already swirling about, and from what I've heard, we might be headed to Salem!   But are we ready for a period piece?  I can certainly wait until October, but I'll be looking for leaks until then!